War Dogs is a World War II air combat game featuring 24 warplanes from the five major powers: the USA, Germany, UK, Japan, and Russia.

The game features a whole diverse range of aeroplanes used in the great war- dogfighters, dive-bombers, torpedo-bombers and long-range heavy-bombers. The game has both single-player campaigns and multiplayer arena battles spread across five significant theatres of war, ranging from the deserts of North Africa to the shores of Japanese isles.

War Dogs is built from the ground-up as a flight simulator to offer the most immersive air combat experience. Unlike most WWII aircraft games on Mobile, War Dogs has both Arcade and Simulation grade controls for both rookies and experienced Ace Fighters. Take control of all three controls(pitch, roll and yaw) to pull off basic and advanced air combat manoeuvres like Barrel roll, Pitchback, Wingover and others like an ace fighter.

  • Both single-player campaigns and multiplayer arena battles spread across five major regions.
  • Warplanes that excel in dog-fighting with superior speed and manoeuvrability compared to other warplanes.
  • Play either in flight simulator mode or arcade mode, depending on your style.
  • Take off and land on Aircraft carriers. Torpedo enemy warships, Divebomb enemy, installations and destroy their airfields.
More than 2M
For tablets
and phones
Single and multi
Collect rewards &
get a bonus
Arcade fight physics
and combat
Accelerometer enabled gameplay
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