Line up your submarine and launch a torpedo salvo. Send the Warship to the bottom of the sea. Enemy Waters is a cat and mouse game between submarines and ships.

Command and Manoeuvre your fleet as you face off against waves of pirate John’s warships. Conquer Seaports and Oil wells by defeating the enemy warships. Expand your influence and procure the best submarine or battleship to stand up to the ever-increasing machinations of Pirate Little John Ambush and destroy Pirate John’s convoys by laying the perfect trap. Expect no less from the dreaded pirate as you take the role of a captain and escort your Warship or submarine to safety

  • Simulation grade controls will let you control your warships.
  • Deploy and battle warships and submarines from World War II, Cold War era, and current times.
  • Sonar ping to identify underwater submarines and drop depth charges on them.
  • Simulation controls will let you control your submarines and dive into deeper waters.
More than 3M
For tablets
and phones
Single and multi
Collect rewards &
get a bonus
Realistic ship and
submarine physics
Dual-hand gameplay
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